Why I Love Italian Holidays, People, and Culture!

If you are going on an Italian vacation, it would be wise to know a little about their Italian holidays and traditions.  To understand a people’s culture, you must understand their history.  Italian history is extremely rich and has some of the world’s most remarkable historical figures.  During the Roman Era and the Renaissance there were major advances in art, literature, technology, philosophy, and music, which have contributed to the rest of the world enormously.  Italy was also one of the great centers of cinema of the world in the early twentieth century, and is credited for having helped advance the importance of cinema in the entertainment world.

Italian men and women are often quite religious, as their country is the home of Roman Catholicism and the Vatican..  This has been the dominant religion there for thousands of years, and it is still the dominant religion today.  The presence of the Church has had a major impact on Italy’s history and art, and is still a major presence in current Italian society.  There are more churches in Italy per capita than in any other country.

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Unless you are living under a rock, you probably know that Italy is famous for their cuisine.  Walking around any city, you will definitely note that pizza is being sold everywhere (and is quite good!).  The most common dishes in Italy involve pasta with fresh vegetables, different types of cheese, olive oil, bread, and some type of meat.  Meals at night are usually accompanied by a glass of wine.  Italy is the largest producer of wine in the world, and also consumes and exports the most wine in the world.  After dinner Italians will usually drink Italian style coffee, which is Espresso.  One of Italy’s most famous deserts is gelato (Italian ice cream), and like pizza, is sold all over the place.

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Italian people LOVE soccer; it is their pastime and passion, and any big game may as well be considered an Italian holiday.  Throughout the history of international soccer (early 1900’s), Italy has always been a top presence, at both the league level and international level.  They have won four FIFA World Cup trophies, only trailing Brazil who has won five.  Their league teams are also some of the best in the world, and attract some of the world’s top talent.  Juventus Torino, A.C. Milan, Internazionale Milan, A.S. Roma, and A.C. Fiorentina are all considered top league teams in the world.

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Fashion is also very important in Italian culture, where elegance and style are an important part of everyday life.  Some of the world’s most famous names in fashion are from Italy, and Milan is one of four fashion capitals of the world.  Each year they have the bi-annual fashion weeks in cities around the world, but the only ones considered part of the “big four” are New York City, Paris, London, and Milan.  Some of the biggest names from Italy include Dolce and Gabbana, Armani, Versace, Diesel, and Prada.  When planning your Italian holidays, you may want to be avoid this area during fashion week, as it does tend to become very crowded (unless of course you are into fashion, in which case, you should definitely go!).

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Italian lakes holidays will surely be some of the most memorable of your life.  If you are planning on holiday travel, you should absolutely consider a trip to Italy.  It is one of the major cultural hubs of the world.