Best 3 Lake Maggiore Hotels: Reviews

Italy has many magnetic qualities and attracts hordes of tourists every year. The country has so many beautiful cities and enchanting sights that you could spend days touring just one city and still leave so much unexplored. If you are planning a vacation this year, there is one thing that you should insist on and that is the quality of hotels. Since you can make advanced reservations over the Internet, the job is made much simpler for you. All you have to do is read all the reviews of hotels by the people who actually visited them and then make your choice. This article focuses on Italian lakes holidays with a special emphasis on Lake Maggiore.  If you are visiting the Italian lakes of the region, you can also read up on Lake Como hotels, Lake Garda hotels, and other smaller Italian lakes you might explore.

Italian holidays are special all by themselves; many people decide on such a holiday because they love the natural beauty of the surrounding towns and cities. In addition, travelers are allowed a peek into the historical days when the towns were unbelievably wondrous. The ancient castles and masterpiece luxury Italian villas beckon you as you walk down the streets enjoying the lush greenery and untarnished lands. If you are making a trip to Italy, then do not forget to enjoy Lake Garda holidays at least once. You will be awestruck at the rich cultural heritage of the place and applaud the efforts made by the countrymen to make Italy great.  You will also want to make sure Tuscany holidays are part of your trip as well, and explore the gorgeous wine country of the area.

Lake Maggiore is a picturesque lake wedged between Italy’s pre-Alps on one side and Switzerland on the other. The lake is home to many fragrant gardens and beautiful Mediterranean vegetation. You can go to Switzerland through the panoramic coastal road that is on one side of the lake. Lake Maggiore hotels are pretty well known for their service, amenities, proximity to scenic locations and finally the price. You will find quite a few top-rated hotels when you enter a search for hotel Lago Maggiore.

lake maggiore hotels casabella

Casabella Hotel

Casabella is a hotel that has maximum reviews as it has the quiet efficiency you would hope for from hotels. If you want to enjoy a peaceful vacation, then you can order one of the double rooms in the hotel. Their bathrooms are clean, utilitarian, modern and functional. Most of the rooms in the first floor over look the greenery of the gardens and you can sit out there in the balcony and enjoy the sights. There are large rooms and small rooms, but all rooms are equipped with unique features such as incandescent lighting.

lake maggiore hotel la palma

La Palma Hotel

La Palma hotel is another hotel that is rated high on travelers’ lists. It is the ideal place to let go of all your tensions, forget everything and just enjoy the beauties of nature. Its proximity to architectural wonders will allow you to soak in all the pleasures offered by the area. The staffs are extremely courteous, efficient and accommodating. You should visit this hotel in August because the sights are most lovely during that time. The food is excellent and it caters to the tastes of the discerning traveler. You will also get a luxurious and fantastic view of Isola Bella.

hotels lake maggiore Il Sole Di Ranco

Il Sole Di Ranco

Il Sole Di Ranco, Italy is another hotel that is a favorite among tourists. They are treated pleasantly and efficiently. The staff is knowledgeable about various cuisines and wines. It is a great place for family vacations and conferences. The rooms are clean, the bathrooms neat and the sheets fragrant. The hotel is a delightful spot for a charming vacation. The gardens are particularly refreshing and invigorating.

While enjoying your hotel, you should arrange for a ferry ride to enjoy the calm scenic environment of the Italian lakes, as well as the virgin lands and refreshing air. You can actually spend a whole day on a ferry because there are so many things to see, enjoy and experience.  Be sure to read about Stresa hotels, as Stresa is one of the most famous cities of this region.