Best Rated 5 Alassio Hotels Guide: Reviews

Of all the cities that tourists frequent during their Italian holidays, few are more secluded and less traveled than Alassio.  Situated in the province of Liguria on the northern coast, only fifty miles from the French border, Alassio offers a quiet and luxurious place for travelers to spend a few days.  Unlike the nearby high traffic cities of Genova and Nice, the town of Alassio boasts only a modest ten thousand residents.  The facilities available to travelers, however, are excellent, as the town has been a famous resort spot for centuries.  Featuring beautiful beaches in the summer and health resorts in the wintertime, there are hotels and restaurants to offer something for every budget, from luxury Italian villas to generic chain hotels like Hotel Italia.

hotel garden alassio

The Hotel Garden Alassio

The Hotel Garden Alassio is a three star hotel featuring an outdoor pool, air conditioning, telephone and Internet lines, and an in house restaurant.  The Hotel Garden is a moderately priced at approximately 100 to 150 Euros per night and is most highly recommended by families needed larger spaces.  Reviewers agree the hotel is nearly spotless and very quiet, though the staff has trouble with tourists who cannot speak Italian (as they are mainly native Italian men and women).  While individuals or couples looking for a decently priced room may certainly find the Hotel Garden to be accommodating to their needs, it is a very quiet and low key hotel in a part of town that is away from the main square.  As such, honeymooners or solo travelers may wish to look for another option if they are interested in entertainment during their stay.

diana grand hotel alassio

The Diana Grand Hotel Alassio offers customers a beachfront view of the Mediterranean coast from each room, allowing families or couples to soak up the rays or take a swim without having to travel far.  The Diana Grand Hotel is the largest in the town, boasting several hundred rooms and offering an indoor pool, exercise room, buffet style meals, valet parking, and allows dogs.  The Diana Grand is likewise one of the more expensive hotels to be found in Alassio, with rates starting at 200 Euros per night.  Most customers agree that although the price tag is highest, it is unmatched for quality and convenience, located close to the town center.

hotel majestic alassio

The Hotel Majestic Alassio

The Hotel Majestic Alassio provides an economical stay without cutting down on amenities.  A three star hotel, the Majestic offers rooms starting as low as 80 Euros at as high as 160.  Located right in the town center, the Majestic gives convenience for travelers coming into the town by bus or taxi.  The staff is highly praised, from housekeepers to the kitchen crew.  Indeed, the Majestic includes so many groundskeepers and gardeners that they boast a better collection of plants and flowers in and about the hotel than can be found anywhere else in the town.  Some reviewers claim that the cheaper rooms are poorly located next to apartments and they can hear though the walls.

Alassio Hotel Mediterranee

The Alassio Hotel Mediterranee

A hotel Alassio has to offer is likely very old, perhaps as old as a century, and the Alassio Hotel Mediterranee is the eldest of them all.  One of the three 4 star hotels in Alassio, the Mediterranee has both the advantages and the setbacks of an older building.  Tourists looking for a rustic place to stay may enjoy the antique decor and design, but families with younger children may not find it to their liking.  The suites have a view of the ocean, but some customers complain the appliances malfunction or the plumbing is too noisy.  The meals provided are considered some of the best in all the Alassio hotels, but some find that the morning breakfast, a few pieces of toast with cheese and toast, is a bit underwhelming.

hotel adler alassio

The Hotel Adler Alassio

Only a quarter of a mile from the beach front, the Hotel Adler Alassio provides a secluded, cool venue that is still near enough to the attractions of the town.  The family that owns the hotel prides themselves on being able to serve any tourist and have staff fluent in English, French, German, and Spanish to assist out of town travelers.  Two lounges include stocked bars and game rooms, while a pair of dining rooms allow for customers to eat breakfast and dinner at leisurely paces.  The Hotel Adler is somewhat more expensive than the average, with prices for rooms ranging between 150 Euros and 250 Euros.  It is mostly recommended for couples or travelers without children.  Reviewers state that despite the high cost, the Hotel proved so excellent at helping them with their problems or pointing them to locations about town, the price tag was worth it.

hotel alassio

A view of the gorgeous town of Alassio.

If you are on Italian lakes holidays, certainly make an excursion to this city.  Other coastal cities worth visiting are Pisa (read our hotel Pisa guide) and Cervia (read our hotel Cervia guide).  You may also want to visit some of Italy’s famous skiing towns.  These include Bormio (read our hotel Bormio guide), Madesimo, and Ortisei. You may also be interested in including a Tuscany vacation on your itinerary while you are there.

There are many reasons to visit the town of Alassio and many hotels to choose from.  Some are best for families, others are best for individuals.  Decide what any budget restrictions may be ahead of time, as some prices in Alassio may be significantly higher than other Italian locations.