Italian Men Fashion: Only the Best!

That some of the highest quality clothing lines and designers come from Italy is no surprise to those with a modicum of knowledge about fashion.  From some of the first pioneers to the latest trends, Italy is often at the forefront of tasteful, stylish, contemporary looks; indeed Italian men spend almost three times as much on clothing as their American counterparts.  Powerhouse labels like Armani, Bottega Veneta, Capasa Ennio all call the country home.  The range of fashion includes everything from premium mens Italian leather shoes to silk suits and dress shirts.  Finding some of these labels outside of Europe may be difficult, and custom orders may have to be placed for smaller scale boutiques.  As with all of the highest quality merchandise, much of Italian mens fashion is considerably more expensive than local retailers.  If you are on Italian holidays and try to figure out what to wear in Italy, it may be a good idea to purchase some of these high-end clothes for yourself or a loved one.

italian men

Photos of an Italian men fashion show in Milan.

Hogan is the leading supplier of Italian shoes for men to American outlets.  Encompassing a wide range of styles and capabilities, Hogan can provide premium merchandise for dress and formal wear, casual, running, or home needs for men.  Leather Hogan sneakers feature hand stitched leather and rubber soles, comfortable for a day’s walking and ready to be shown off during summer.  These sneakers retail for three hundred and twenty two dollars and come in black or dark brown.  If that price tag seems high, consider that Italian shoes for men from Gucci are likewise hand crafted from the highest quality Italian leather and sell for six hundred to eight hundred dollars for sneakers alone.

Not all Italian men’s shoes are designed for sheer look and style; many have simple comfort and low cost in mind.  Emporio Armani’s extensive line of sandals are crafted with the same attention to detail as Italian mens dress shoes but provide the sporty feel of your favorite pair of flip flops.  The summer collection of sandals are all under one hundred dollars — some as low as sixty — and designed with extra rubber in the soles for cushion and spring for customers as they walk on uneven beach or outdoor surfaces.

For the ultimate in good taste, however, nothing can rival Italian men’s dress shoes from the major labels.  Dolce and Gabbana dress shoes are made to each custom order of foot size and heel rise, so ensure that you have all the necessary information needed before placing an order.  These solid black shoes are pure leather — including soles and heels — of the highest quality.  Hand crafted to specifications, these men’s Italian leather shoes come in at a staggering fourteen hundred dollars.

italian shoes for men

These black leather Italian mens shoes are by Dolce and Gabbana.

Shoes may be one of the best sellers, but Italian men’s fashion is by no means limited to footwear.  The major designers pride themselves on their collection of Italian mens suits and dress wear, often the focus of men’s fashion galas or trade shows.  These are some of the priciest articles of clothing in the entire world, with each article of a full suit hand stitched by the elite craftsmen.  Mantoni Fashion is one of the superpowers of Italian men’s suits, producing both high quality designs and mainstream options.  A simple one-button wool suit from Mantoni is not nearly as expensive as the higher class clothing, coming in at a modest one hundred sixty dollars and featuring conservative grey, black, and tan color schemes.  Indeed, most two or three button Mantoni wool suits are not terribly expensive, retailing at less than three hundred dollars.

Orders for double-breasted suits, however, tend to start rising in price.  Firado Uomo’s designs of Italian suits for men are not considered to be among the highest quality designers, yet their cost for a double-breasted wool suit is thirteen hundred dollars.  Unlike single button suits, the tailors of vest suits or double-breasted suits use closely guarded designs — not unlike Italian chefs jealously guarding recipes — that are passed down through the family business.  Italian men’s suits can be extraordinarily expensive from the major brands; a Versace vest suit costs six thousand dollars.  A certain type of tailoring called bespoken tailoring is the cream of the crop, however — all designs are hand made and custom fitted over a matter of weeks or even months.  A Brioni bespoken tailor can charge as much as fifty thousand dollars for his end product!

italian mens suits

Italian suits for men are of the highest quality and style.

Italian shirts for men come in a variety of styles, from casual tee shirts to extravagant dress shirts.  Tee shirts are a popular production from major companies such as Gucci and Versace, usually costing somewhere between one and two hundred dollars; dress silk shirts may cost two or three times as much.  Unlike American “small” to “large” sizes, however, Italian shirts are made to the specific chest size.

Italian fashion has much to offer; for Italian men shoes or suits of the highest quality are a necessity rather than a luxury.  The major designers export their products each season to markets all over the world.  No matter the case, however, be prepared to bring some extra money for clothes shopping before embarking on any Italian lakes holidays.