The ULTIMATE Tuscany Holidays Guide!

If you are considering going on Italian Lakes Holidays, an excursion to consider would be taking some holidays in Tuscany.   Tuscany Italy is one of the most famous regions in the world, known for its breathtaking scenery, as well as offering some of the most famous cities in the world.  These include Florence, Milan, and Pisa, (read our Hotel Pisa guide) to name a few.  A trip like this can be expensive, so be sure take advantage of the time you’re there and do everything you can.

The countryside of Tuscany is made up mostly of rolling green hills sprinkled with vineyards and olive trees throughout.  It is quite warm year round, although in the Winter it can get a little chilly (but nothing too serious).  If you are looking for activities in the countryside, you will find that there is no shortage of things to do!  There are biking tours, food and wine tasting events, hiking, as well as hanging out by the Italian lakes or the Mediterranean.  And this is just the countryside!  Sometimes you Tuscany hotel will include these kinds of excursions with your stay.  Tuscany holidays aren’t just limited to outdoors events.

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This is the general look of the countryside in Tuscany.

Milan is a modern metropolis of a city offering an array or restaurants and nightclubs.  Not only that, it has some of the most famous artwork in the world, including the famous painting, The Last Supper.  If you go to Florence, you will find a very charming city of narrow cobblestone streets and small multicolored buildings all nearly touching each other.  It is also the home of the very famous church, Il Duomo.  Pisa is a tiny, tiny town in the area that would be mostly unheard of if it wasn’t for the famous tower that was built there.  Yes, the leaning tower of Pisa!  Aside from that, there honestly is not that much to do in that town.

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Because you want to make sure to visit all these cities during you Tuscany holidays, it might be a good idea to rent a place in a centralized location.  Renting a holiday house Tuscany could be a great way to save some money while you visit, especially if you are with a big group of people.  Renting holidays villas Tuscany is another option, although villas can be quite costly, especially if you are interested in renting luxury Italian villas.  Renting holiday villas in Tuscany is actually quite common and not as hard to do as one might think.  If you  do a search online you will find that are SEVERAL available for rent, and you can always find Tuscany villa rentals that fit your budget.  This would be a much better option than staying at a generic hotel Italia.  No matter where you stay though, you will find that any place will become your holiday homes Tuscany.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss anything during your holiday Tuscany stay, it might be a good idea to look into some Tuscany holiday rentals.  These tours are usually all inclusive, which means you don’t have to worry about lodging or transportation, as those are all provided for.  You are on a set itinerary and buses take you around the region.  These tours usually include discounts to museums, historic sites, and certain venues (such as vineyard tours).  They will usually drop you off at some city, give you a list of recommended things to do, and give you a time when you need to get back on the bus.  Depending on where you are, you would either come back in a few hours or maybe a few days.  Its certainly not a bad idea to consider for you holidays Tuscany.

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These are the famous olives growing all over Tuscany Italy.

A Tuscany vacation is one that you will certainly remember your whole life so be sure to make a list of all the things you want to do while you are there.   Whether you are renting Tuscany hotels, renting holidays villas in Tuscany, or renting holiday homes Tuscany, you are certain to immediately notice that these region has a certain unidentifiable charm that makes you feel good.  Italian men and women are very friendly, and the general nature of everything is very casual and relaxed.  Tuscany villas have that kind of romantic charm you tend to associate with old movies from the great era of Italian cinema.  You will probably feel it during your entire holiday in Tuscany.  If you are looking for a fantastic area to check out during your Italian holidays, stay at a villa in Tuscany and spend at least a couple of weeks exploring the famous cities and gorgeous countryside that it has to offer.