Top 3 Tuscany Villa Rentals Locations

Tuscany is a region that can never be explored in one day. To appreciate its beauty and appeal, one needs to settle down for a few days and spend early mornings exploring the bucolic Tuscan hills or driving down narrow Tuscan roads, or while away lazy afternoons while basking in the shade of olive trees. Vacationers can do this best with Tuscany villa rentals, a type of guest accommodation, which offers an authentic holiday experience by allowing visitors to get a taste of typical Italian days in the midst of such spectacular Mediterranean surroundings.

Palazzo Rosadi
One of the best villas that offer accommodations for a Tuscany vacation, the Palazzo Rosadi is a historical house with origins dating back to 1785. The house, a property of the Rosadi family for over 200 years, opened its doors to vacationers in 2000. In the past, Palazzo Rosadi served as a refuge for village residents in World War II, and later on it was used as the family base for the Rosadis who farmed in the nearby lands. Visitors to Tuscany will get a feel of how it is like living in the Tuscan countryside while enjoying the house’s access to unforgettable panoramic views of the village below, back-dropped by the spectacular sight of the Apennine Mountains in the distance. The house is bathed by the soft rays of the Tuscan sun for most parts of the day; so long walks amongst the footpaths or lazy swims in the swimming pool are excellent activities to pursue during the day.

Podere Centone
Just a stone’s throw away from Matraia, the villa boasts of amazing views of the valley and the ancient district of Matraia below. It is owned and maintained by a local man who is very happy to attend to visitor’s needs personally, such as arrangements for small wine tastings and restaurant reservations. The villa is also located near the town, and is just a few kilometers away from major Italian destinations like Pisa and Lucca. The Centone sleeps ten people in five rooms and sports an Old Italian charm seen in the stony facade which hides the modern amenities inside, high-end kitchen appliances, air conditioning and internet that make every stay as comfortable as a stay in a plush city hotel. Guests have 24-hour WiFi at their disposal and they can even request for other amenities, such as a baby bed, when needed. One of the main draws of the house is the panoramic swimming pool, which is surrounded at all sides by lush olive groves. Guests can spend lazy Tuscan afternoons in the lodge, where the sunlight is at its softest, and where they can enjoy the view of the ocean from a distance.

La Casetta di Castell’Anselmo

The La Casetta di Castell’Anselmo is a cozy little property that sits on a piece of farmland bordered on all sides by Mediterranean scrub. Compared to other luxury Italian villas, this charming two bedroom and two bathroom villa is smaller but it offers the privacy and exclusivity most visitors want in a trip to Tuscany. Because of its close proximity to Pisa, Florence and Lucca, renters can easily spice up boring days with a short trip to the village or the city, where they can soak up traditional Italian city life. The villa boasts of views of the lovely coast, flower-strewn gardens, a stunning 16-meter swimming pool stretching the length of the entire backyard, and the panorama of the Apuane hills in the distance. Rooms are fully furnished, with air conditioning and jacuzzi.

Tuscany villa rentals help give vacationers a real feel for daily life in the Tuscan countryside by allowing them to live like the locals in comfortable and luxurious accommodations. Tuscany holidays spent in a villa allow visitors to shop on their own, cook their own meals, and explore the surrounding countryside on their own sweet time. This way they can enjoy a customized vacation in a villa that has all the comforts of home.