The ULTIMATE Tuscany Holidays Guide!

If you are considering going on Italian Lakes Holidays, an excursion to consider would be taking some holidays in Tuscany.   Tuscany Italy is one of the most famous regions in the world, known for its breathtaking scenery, as well as offering some of the most famous cities in the world.  These include Florence, Milan, and […]

Intro Guide to Italian Lakes Holidays: What you CAN’T Miss!

Italian Lakes Holidays are definitely some of the best and most memorable of a person’s life.  The Italian Lakes are a favorite vacation spot for travelers from all over the world, and it’s not hard to see why.  It has some of the world’s most beautiful natural scenery.  This area has been attracting people as […]

Why I Love Italian Holidays, People, and Culture!

If you are going on an Italian vacation, it would be wise to know a little about their Italian holidays and traditions.  To understand a people’s culture, you must understand their history.  Italian history is extremely rich and has some of the world’s most remarkable historical figures.  During the Roman Era and the Renaissance there […]

Learn About the Italian Lakes Activities and Events!

The Italian lakes are located in the northern region of Italy and are considered to be of the most beautiful areas on Earth. The Italian lakes district can be found between Milan and the Alps. The scenery of the Italian lakes is breathtaking and offers the countries’ most scenic areas.  For this reason Italian Lakes […]

Baveno Hotels Reviews!

The city of Baveno is located in the northwest region of Piedmont, Italy. Surrounded by beautiful Lake Orta and the Borromean Islands, Baveno is a quiet and affordable getaway destination for tourists of all ages. If you want to visit beautiful and historic sites but do not want to be hassled by throngs of travelers, […]

Hotel Stazione Centrale and Other Lodging in Milan!

One of the top cities in Italy to visit is Milan, located in the northern part of the country and accessible by plane, train or car. Staying in the Stazione centrale Milan neighborhood will guarantee an easy base from which to explore the entire city and other parts of the country. The hotel Stazione centrale […]

Top Rated and Best Bellaria Hotels!

Bellaria Italy is a small city located on the east coast of Italy. A former small fishing village, the city has been transformed into a popular destination for both tourists from abroad and local area residents looking for a weekend retreat on their Italian holidays. Approximately 18,000 Italian men and women live in Bellaria. The […]

Top 3 Tuscany Villa Rentals Locations

Tuscany is a region that can never be explored in one day. To appreciate its beauty and appeal, one needs to settle down for a few days and spend early mornings exploring the bucolic Tuscan hills or driving down narrow Tuscan roads, or while away lazy afternoons while basking in the shade of olive trees. […]

Best 3 Lake Maggiore Hotels: Reviews

Italy has many magnetic qualities and attracts hordes of tourists every year. The country has so many beautiful cities and enchanting sights that you could spend days touring just one city and still leave so much unexplored. If you are planning a vacation this year, there is one thing that you should insist on and […]

Top 5 Lake Garda Hotels: Reviews

Lake Garda is a beautiful lake located in Northern Italy. It is surrounded by mountains and ancient ruins that date back to the Roman era. The lake also has many islands and is a popular destination spot for tourists. There are many Lake Garda hotels; some are simple while others are five star resorts. You […]

A Lake Garda Holidays Guide

When it is time for a break from work or school, Lake Garda holidays may be on your mind.  If you are not going to stay in Lake Garda villas, then choosing the right hotel is an essential part of making the most of your Lake Garda holidays.  Your hotel should be in a convenient […]

Top 7 Lake Como Hotels: Reviews

At one time entirely covered by glaciers, the Adda River runs from the Swiss Alps along a winding and turbulent path until reaching Lake Como, Italy. Europe’s third largest lake and a number one travel destination, Lake Como draws thousands of visitors each summer from all over the world. Accommodations are one of the most […]

The BEST Italian Lake Garda Villas

Crack open a bottle of wine and see the world through the eyes of Italy in one of many stunning Lake Garda villas. It is a view of pristine surroundings of green and blue that is best enjoyed in quiet luxury. Visitors will certainly want to consider bringing along a friend or loved one and […]

Best Rated 5 Alassio Hotels Guide: Reviews

Of all the cities that tourists frequent during their Italian holidays, few are more secluded and less traveled than Alassio.  Situated in the province of Liguria on the northern coast, only fifty miles from the French border, Alassio offers a quiet and luxurious place for travelers to spend a few days.  Unlike the nearby high […]

Italian Men Fashion: Only the Best!

That some of the highest quality clothing lines and designers come from Italy is no surprise to those with a modicum of knowledge about fashion.  From some of the first pioneers to the latest trends, Italy is often at the forefront of tasteful, stylish, contemporary looks; indeed Italian men spend almost three times as much […]

Best 3 Tremezzo Hotels: Reviews

Tremezzo hotels offer an idyllic way to experience the beauty of Italy’s famous Lake Como. Visit this tourist hotspot in style by staying at one of the quality hotel Tremezzo Como options, and discover why this quaint and friendly town has such a devoted tourist base that returns year after year for their Italian lakes […]

The ULTIMATE Tuscany Vacation Guide!

Are you thinking of planning a trip in the near future? If you are looking for an idyllic European setting for your next destination, then consider making your next holiday a Tuscany vacation. The Italian region of Tuscany, which extends from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Apennines, will allow you to experience amazing food, a […]

Top 4 Menaggio Hotels: Reviews and City Guide!

The town of Menaggio is the perfect summer resort area in which to plan your next Italian lakes holidays. Located in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy, and on the Western shore of Lake Como, at the mouth of the River Senagia, it is an ideal destination for outdoor sports enthusiasts who also enjoy spectacular […]

Hotel Italia is a Good, Reliable Chain for the Risk-averse!

Traveling to foreign countries is exciting and fun, and is a wonderful way of learning about the world and its many cultures. This type of traveling can also be tiring and expensive, and can present the traveler with unique challenges. Hotel Italia makes travel throughout Italy and surrounding areas a stress-free experience by providing affordable […]

Top 3 Ortisei Hotels: Reviews and Guide

Ortisei is a small town tucked away in the Italian Alps, in the Dolomite valley of Val Gardena. Although the town only has 5,500 Italian men and women who live there year-round, it still has a bustling town center, and thrives not only on its primary trade of woodworking, but also on its attraction to […]

Best 3 Cervia Hotels: Reviews and City Guide

The town of Cervia, located on the Eastern coast of central Italy, is a seaside resort town with a rich history and a thriving year-round tourist community. Mentioned in Dante’s Divine Comedy, the ancient town features multiple historical sightseeing opportunities, ten kilometers of sandy beaches on which to explore and luxuriate, and a diverse choice […]

A Guide to Madesimo Italy for Summer and Winter!

Madesimo, Italy is a small ski resort town with big visitor appeal. Located in the Italian lakes of Northern Italy, right on the border of Switzerland, the resort is at an altitude of 1550 meters, and its highest lift goes to 2880 meters. The great advantage of altitude ensures that the resort can keep all […]

Top 5 Lake Lugano Hotels: Reviews

Lugano, Switzerland, is one of the hottest vacation spots for today’s travelers. Popularly referred to as “The Monte Carlo of Switzerland,” it is a destination frequented often by celebrities and well-known athletes. Situated on Lake Lugano (one of the Italian lakes of the Lombardy region), it is an ideal city for outdoor activities and water […]