Best 5 Pisa Hotels Guide: Reviews for your Italian Excursion!

When planning your Italian Lakes Holidays, an excursion to Pisa as part of a Tuscany vacation offers a rich cultural heritage and monumental landmarks, with the added benefit of friendly and safe accommodations. Take, for instance, the hotel Pisa selections, offering convenience, and comfort at reasonable nightly rates. Pisa is an excellent town to visit during a Tuscan holiday. Boasting one of Italy’s most famous monuments, the leaning tower of Pisa, and situated on the banks of the historic Arno River, Pisa has a rich and vibrant community that welcomes tourists as one of the major generators of the local economy.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Reflecting this tourist-driven economy are the dozens of area hotels, ranging from cheap hotels to generic hotels (such as Hotel Italia) to expensive ones, while making them feel as comfortable as possible during the course of their stay in Pisa.  If you are feeling really lavish, you may want to look into staying at luxury Italian villas. Visiting the tower of Pisa and other local attractions is made easy by the central locations of the Grand Hotel Bonanno Pisa, the Royal Victoria Hotel Pisa, the Hotel Verdi Pisa, the Hotel Bologna Pisa, and the Grand Hotel Duomo Pisa, among numerous others.  These five are the most popular hotels in the city.

The Hotel Bologna:  Starting at $80.00 USD

The Hotel Bologna is the least expensive hotel option of the five listed here. Rooms are available starting at approximately $80.00 USD per night, with the chance of less expensive rooms during the off-season. In addition to its multi lingual staff and on-site bar and lounge for relaxing after a long day of sightseeing, this hotel offers a free area shuttle, which facilitates travel within downtown Pisa.

Royal Victoria Hotel:  Starting at $95.00 USD

The Royal Victoria Hotel is a 19th century property, on the Arno River, that has been restored and refurbished, and now offers modern amenities and conference room facilities for large visiting groups.  This hotel received an average of three out of five stars on, and has a multilingual staff for tourists from all over the world.

The Hotel Verdi:  Starting at $95.00 USD

The Hotel Verdi has been converted from the building’s original use as a convent, but still features much of the building’s original design.  This hotel has also been given a three out of five star rating from users, feature a multilingual staff that is available to answer questions and listen to guests’ concerns, and has affordable accommodation options.

Grand Hotel Duomo:  Starting at $115.00 USD

The Grand Hotel Duomo offers more modern accommodations, and has received an average rating of four out of five stars on  This hotel also offers free Wi-Fi access and is a mere two-hundred meters in proximity of the leaning tower of Pisa.

Grand Hotel Bonanno:  Starting at $115.00 USD

Also offering more modern accommodations both inside and out is the  recently opened Grand Hotel Bonanno, also given four out of five star ratings by users, and offering rooms starting at approximately $115.00 USD per night. Additional features that make this hotel attractive to area visitors is the daily changing menu of traditional Tuscan meals, and it is also a pet-friendly hotel.

Piazza dei Miracoli (The Plaza of Miracles)Piazza dei Miracoli (The Plaza of Miracles)

The leaning tower is not the only attraction of Pisa however, and visitors will find that there is enough sight-seeing to last them for several days. Additional attractions that bring tourists to Pisa during their Italian holidays include numerous old churches, each of them a museum in itself, beautiful and ancient palaces, and monumental bridges across the Arno. With its Mediterranean climate, Pisa has the perfect temperature for tourists; not too hot to become worn out before the day’s end, and not too cold to keep people stuck indoors. Although, with the countless amenities, guarantee of comfort, and delicious food offered by Pisa hotels, visitors may just decide to take a day off from sight-seeing, and enjoy the rustic and friendly atmosphere created by Italian men and women on a daily basis.

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